“Actor: The Art of Performing”

“Actor: The Art of Performing”

Mastering the craft of acting is not a talent or skill that comes naturally to most people, especially when it comes to acting for film. After all, giving a convincing performance take after take while dealing with a crew is not a simple task and it is truly only the best acting schools that can help imbue aspiring actors with the necessary talent to do so.

Though each acting program boasts a distinct curriculum, students enrolling at the Acting School can expect to take at least some if not all of the following acting courses:

  • Voice and Speech
  • Acting for Film
  • Stage to Screen
  • Movement on the Scene
  • Scene Study
  • Monologues
  • Shakespeare
  • Sketch Comedy
  • Filmcraft
  • Cinema Studies
  • Improvisation
  • Business of Acting
  • Writing for Actors
  • Acting for Film
  • TV Collaboration Workshop
  • Voiceover Workshop
  • Advanced Stage Projects
  • Producing the Short Film
  • Thesis Film Production
  • Characterization for the Stage 


  • Discuss film as a visual art;
  • Break a scene down into beats and assign an action to each beat: create an emotional arc;
  • Establish an objective and develop strategies to overcome obstacles to achieving the objective;
  • Play an action;
  • Modulate a performance to fit the framing of shots, from establishing to close-up;
  • Put to use dramatic action, observation, and characterization through scene work;
  • Apply text analysis to scripted material;
  • Prepare two contrasting monologues;
  • Connect the body and voice to scripted material;
  • Increase flexibility through body awareness and physical exercises; refine listening skills and ensemble playing through improvisation;
  • Recognize the essential choices needed for effective execution of cold readings, making effective use of physical and emotional life;
  • Examine the roles of the director and cinematographer with an emphasis on how these roles effect the choices an actor makes in performance.
The 100% Film School is designed to train and prepare the next generation of performers to pursue their passion as an actor.