“Author: The Art of Writing”

“Author: The Art of Writing”

Screenwriters are cinematic storytellers. The genesis of any film project is an idea or concept that must be fleshed out into a fully formed screenplay deemed worthy of production.

What truly makes the FSI one of the best screenwriting schools is that students are expected to be constantly writing, continually honing their skills to create a compelling film or television script while building a portfolio of professionally written material that runs from film and television to webseries. This approach helps students learn how they can achieve their professional goals.

Students enrolling in a screenwriting course can expect to take some of the following screenwriting topics:

  • Story Generation
  • Script to Screen
  • Storytelling
  • New Media
  • Genre Studies
  • Scene Study
  • Web Series
  • Playwriting
  • Elements of Screenwriting
  • Advanced Writing: Character
  • The Great Screenplays
  • Adaptation Workshop
  • Rewriting Workshop
  • The Art Of The Pitch
  • The Business of Screenwriting
  • Writing for Television: Specs
  • Writing the Feature Film Screenplay
  • Screenwriting Discipline & Methodology 


Over the course of the year, each student writes screenplay or television "spec" script. As part of a fully integrated program, students explore related areas of filmmaking that help to improve their screenplays and put them into a real-world context. Thus, in addition to writing classes, students study film craft, acting, pitching, and cinema studies, as they apply to screenwriting. Students also write, direct and edit a short digital film or scene from a feature script.