“Producer: The Art of Filming”

“Producer: The Art of Filming”

The 100% Film School allows students the opportunity to study in the heart of the film industry from the early age. Students enrolled in the Producing Course learn both the business and creative sides to best learn how to pursue their passion as a producer.

Upon enrolling in the FSI’s Producing Course, students are able to take a diverse and comprehensive producing studies load that includes some of, if not all, the following courses.

  • Producer’s Craft
  • Pitch Meetings
  • Directing for Producers
  • Film Craft
  • Editing for Producers
  • Short Film Production
  • Creative Producing
  • Developing the Pitch
  • Industry Speaker Series
  • Industry Practices
  • Business Affairs
  • New Media
  • Script Collaboration
  • Advanced Pitching
  • Budgeting/Scheduling
  • Cinema Studies
  • Introduction to Line Producing
  • Entertainment Law: Contracts, Intellectual Property, Negotiations, Drafting, and Ethics
  • Screenwriting Fundamentals
  • Hands-on Producing: Reality Television
  • Pre-Production of a Short Film
  • Developing the Feature Film Treatment
  • Developing the Feature Film Business Plan & Television Show Bible
  • Advanced Production Crafts
  • Finance, Marketing & Distribution Case Studies
  • Branding & the Production Company Website
  • The Post-Production Process 


From the first day of class, students are immersed in a hands-on education. Students undergo a thorough regimen of class work and film production that lays the groundwork for a professional life in the film arts.
All students participate in an intensive sequence of classes and hand-on workshops.
It can take years to become a director and gain a full understanding of the many skillsets that go into building a film. The FSI’s film directing program uses a hand-on directing curriculum to immerse students in the wide-range of skills and knowledge that a director can draw on to tell a visual story.